Please take a look at the vintage radios available in the Radio Gallery. The gallery radios date from the 1930s through the early 1960s. All radios in the gallery are tube radios with most having a popular circuit design called “All American Five” (five tubes).

I retired several years ago and needed a hobby to pass the time, so I chose restoring tube radios. Purchasing radios from sources such as eBay and restoring them to working condition has proven to be a very rewarding hobby. As my collection has grown, storage space has become a problem so I’d like to sell the radios at reasonable prices and in working condition. The radios are used and as such, may have cosmetic flaws from normal wear and tear but will still make a great conversation piece.

During the repair process priority has been placed on achieving the best voice quality possible. This was accomplished by replacing faulty parts, recapping as necessary, and allowing the radios several hours of playing time. The AC cords have been inspected and replaced as necessary. Speakers were replaced on an as-needed basis.

I encourage you to take a look at the Radio Gallery. If you have an interest, send an email or visit the contact page with any questions you may have on any radio in the gallery. I can also provide pictures of the entire radio, inside and out if you desire.

Payments accepted via PayPal only. Prices do not include shipping costs and radios are only shipped within the U.S..

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